Bob's Resort

Bait Shop and C-Store


Store 2

Worrying isn’t allowed at Bob’s. That’s why we have a fully stocked Bait Shop & C-Store so you never have to worry about forgetting something at home or running out while you’re here.

That means gas for your boat. Food, snacks, and drinks to keep you going. Bait, fishin’ poles, hunting gear and more to keep you doing what you love. And, of course, hunting and fishing licenses to make it all legal.

Bob’s Bait Shop & C-Store is where you check in. That way you can get acquainted with what we have when you arrive. It’s also where you check out in case you need to grab a few things for the road as you reflect on the amazing time you had while you were here.

Remember, no worrying. Bob never allowed it – neither do we.